Legal Marketing and Sequence Mailing

There is nothing sexier than having a good sequence mailing as part of your legal marketing plan. Yes. I am serious.

Very few lawyers are using direct mail these days. Some places in the United States, direct mail for lawyers is highly regulated. But even in the states where you can mail anything to anyone at any time, most lawyers are not using direct mail.

The reason for this is simple. They have not been able to make direct mail work for legal marketing. Notice the choice of language. I said THEY have not been able to make direct mail work. Our clients, one the other hand, know how to make direct mail work and work well.

There are many important aspects to using direct mail as a component of a legal marketing campaign but none is more important than the sequence you use when you send it out. Again, notice the language. I wrote sequence. This implies multiple letters. And that is exactly what we are going for. We want multiple letters to go to your intended target audience. We want them to be pursued by your direct mail campaign. We want the message to eventually get through.

This video describes how to incorporate a sequence mailing into your legal marketing.

Incorporating a direct mail sequence into legal marketing is not complicated. It just requires some effort and some know-how. Start with a small list and mail to them three times over the course of six weeks. Do not worry if you don’t hear from anyone during the first wave of the mailing. In fact, I would not be surprised if you didn’t hear from anyone in the first or second round of mailing. On average people need to see or hear your message seven times before they take action. Depending on the size of your list this may be true of your mailing.

If your direct mail campaign is effective (if you attract and retain clients as a result) you should continue to mail to your database until it stops being effective.

Like many other things in life, you get out of a direct mail campaign whatever you put into it. I highly encourage you to launch a direct mail campaign and measure the results. I think you will find it hard to top the return on investment from a sequence mailing.