Attorney Marketing: How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

This is one of the attorney marketing questions I hear most frequently. People want to know how often they should write something on their blog. Naturally, I respond with a question:

How often do you speak with your best friend?

The idea behind a blog is relationship development. You are writing not only to educate but also to develop a rapport with your reader. When people like you, they want to hear from you more often.

Side note: That’s another reason video works well. People like the passive nature of video and they get their “relationship fix” without having to do the work of reading.

Yes. I know. You want a direct answer.

Here it is:

If you really want your blog to be a relationship development tool, you need to write an article and post it at least once a week.

If you want a better relationship, post something three times a week.

If you want a great relationship, post something every day.

Get the point?

Ultimately, all relationships come down to communication and trust. If you want a good relationship with your readers, you will communicate more often.

Imagine what would happen if you only communicated with your spouse once a week?