Top Three Law Firm Website Objectives

A few days ago, I wrote about law firm website mistakes you should avoid. Today we are going to focus on your law firm website objectives. 

There are three main objectives for your law firm website. They are:

  • Increase visibility
  • Improve credibility
  • Differentiate you from everyone else who does what you do

Here’s how this works:


Visibility is the first of three law firm website goals. 

This happens in a couple of ways. 

Dave Lorenzo Law Firm Marketing Website ObjectivesFirst, it occurs when people stumble upon your content through search engine optimization. For this to happen, you need to post lots of content that people can access. This content includes video and written articles. People will discover you through this content.

Second: This occurs through advertising. You can advertise and drive people to the information you want them to consume. 

Your ads should drive people to a page with the exact thing promised in the ad. This means if you are a Trust and Estates Attorney, and you advertise a checklist for helping calculate taxes based upon income, the link in your ad should take them right to that page. 


Credibility is the second of law firm website objectives.

The second thing your website must do is enhance your credibility. 

You can achieve this goal by posting great content your best clients will voraciously consume. 

Why do we create content for our BEST clients? Because we want to attract people just like them.

Don’t create content YOU want. Create content your best clients want. 


Differentiation is the third of law firm website goals.

This final point is essential. Demonstrate what makes you better than all others. You can do that on your website by writing about your unique value proposition. Videos that feature you should also highlight what makes you different and better than everyone else. 

Visibility, credibility, and differentiation are the three law firm website objectives. Use this as a foundation for building and growing your online presence. 

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