Law Firm Marketing is Different

There is no class in law firm marketing in college. In most universities, there is a class titled Marketing 101. Those who attend this class learn about “The Four P’s of Marketing.” That’s Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.

Here’s how these break down:

Product – What you offer to your clients
Price – What people invest to receive your product.
Promotion – How you get the word out to your target client about your product.
Place – This is distribution, how you get your product into the hands of the client.

Law firm marketing is different. Here’s how that works:

Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing for LawyersEducate:

First, you help the client understand the issue they are facing. This usually involves one of three things: making money, saving money, or avoiding risk or harm. The problem is that most clients don’t know what they are facing, so you, as the attorney, have to help them understand all of this. That involves education.


After you teach the client about what they are facing, you have to get them to feel something about this issue. Why? Because emotions precede action. Emotions motivate. Agitating people is about linking emotion to the situation.


Finally, you need to give the client an outlet for this emotion. You have to tell them what to do and make it simple for them to do it. This means picking up the phone and calling a lawyer. It means filling out a web form. In addition, it means being even more aggressive.

The law firm marketing model is powerful, but it is also more intimate because it involves the relationship between the attorney and the client. The client must trust their attorney to solve a problem. That trust may require time to develop, multiple interactions, and frequent communication.

So how does an attorney succeed at law firm marketing?

You must have a system. That system needs to identify ideal prospective clients, provide some valuable information to educate them, and continue the communication to develop a relationship.

If you’re an attorney and you don’t have this mapped out, if you don’t have a system in place for developing these relationships, you need help.

That’s why I’m here.

I offer marketing 101 for attorneys, and I develop systems to automate relationship development for your law firm.

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