How to Get Clients as a Tax Lawyer: A Law Firm Marketing Case Study

How to get clients as a tax lawyer? This is something that’s top of mind for you, I know, so we’re gonna get the information from the expert today on this edition of the Inside BS Show.

Please welcome to the show Steve Klitzner. He is a tax lawyer’s tax lawyer, but it’s not what you think. Steve, explain why you’re a special kind of tax lawyer.

– Well, Dave, all I do is take care of people’s IRS problems. People in businesses owe the IRS money, are getting audited, haven’t filed their returns. I don’t do any of the tax planning, I don’t do any of the international development. When someone calls me and says, “Can you open up a corporation for me?” That’s above my pay scale. I only take care of people when the IRS is coming after them.

– All right, Steve, why did you pick IRS problems exclusively?

– Well, the reason is because I actually got started late in this area of law. I’ve been doing it for 20 years but I wanted to focus on something specific. In the past I’ve always found that anytime I get out of what I normally do, it doesn’t end well. It’s better to do what you do and do what you do well, so I focus solely on this. And fortunately for me, the IRS keeps me plenty busy.

– And Steve, you attract business a lot of different ways, I know cause you and I have worked together for a long time. So, let’s talk about all the different ways you attract business. I’m going to give you 30 seconds, rattle off all the different ways you attract business. Go.

– The internet, networking, speaking engagements, direct mail, lien letters to people who have IRS problems, my newsletter goes both written and digitally, just following up with people, meeting new people that I know can refer me cases, my old clients, keeping in touch with them and following up with them. And I must’ve missed something really good in there too but I’m doing radio ads too and that works great.

– All right. So, you mentioned networking, how many different groups do you belong to and how did you make networking successful for you?

– Well, I belong to a few different groups, lawyer groups and general groups. And the reason I think I make it successful is because I don’t keep doing it if it doesn’t work. You know, I only devote the time and energy to things that are working. I also found when you’re doing any networking groups it’s always a good idea to take a leadership role in that group. You have more FaceTime with everyone, people like you more, they know you more, they trust you more and that’s big. Just joining a group you’re not going to get business, you have to stand out a little bit and make sure that people know what you do and that they trust you.

– All right, Steve. So, this is how to get clients as a tax lawyer. If you were to pick, if I said to you, you can only pick one thing from now on and of course we would never tell you to do that, we want a hundred ways to get one client. But if I said, Steve, we’re talking about how to get clients as a tax lawyer, give us your one super secret, very special business development strategy, what would be your favorite business development strategy?

– More people find me by Googling me and Googling help than anything else. If I had my choice, I would love to only get referrals from old clients and professionals and people that I know, that would be my number one way. Of course, it’s free to get it, you know, you don’t have to pay for anything. The acquisition is zero and I find that the clients are better when they come through a direct referral.

– All right, Steve. So, what do you do that makes the internet work so well for you?

– Well, I think that keeping my website up to date, keeping an eye on it. I have my website guy, my internet guy keeping on top of him, make sure everything is current and the website is good and then it has good information on it and that we respond to people who do go on and look at live chat and we talk to them. I think that’s the best thing. And you know, the other thing is that the more you do out there, the more you kind of come up when someone Googles you. So, I just try to keep active.

– All right. Talk about direct mail, direct mail is old school. So, you’re using the internet, you’re using modern technology, but you’re still using old school direct mail. What do you do for direct mail and how does it work?

– People who have IRS liens it’s part of… You know, it’s in public records, it’s recorded. So, we get a list of people who have IRS liens and we send them letters. Now, if you have a lien, you get 30 letters from around the country. So, in my letter I differentiate myself to show them that I’m here, that I’m local and we actually even hand write the envelopes and put regular stamps on the envelopes and we get our… We don’t wait to get our list, we get it three times a week and we immediately send out to these people.

– So, because people have found this video cause they’re looking for how to get clients, as a tax lawyer, talk a little bit about your… The way that you talk to people about a very difficult situation because that’s part of marketing. Talk about your messaging, how do you in your marketing talk to people who have problems with the IRS?

– Well, I want to be sitting… It’s like I’m sitting at their dinner table and I’m talking about the things I know they’re discussing. I know they’re losing sleep over IRS problems, I know that they’ve gotten overwhelmed and they didn’t mean to get into this problem, I know what they’re thinking because that’s the other good thing of only doing this. I understand completely what’s going on with my clients as well as what’s going on with the IRS. So, as long as I get into their heads so to speak, you know, Dave, somebody will call me on the phone and sometimes they’ll say, “I bet you never heard this before,” and of course I’ve heard everything before and I basically can tell them what they’re thinking before they tell me. And they really liked that, they really appreciate that I get it with them.

– All right, Steve. So, when we’re thinking about how to get clients especially for a tax lawyer, we’re not necessarily thinking about staying in touch with people, why is… Your email newsletter and your print newsletter, why are those two follow-up methods so valuable for you and your practice?

– Well, people will forget you. People, no matter how much you did for them they may forget you. You want them always to remember you’re the guy that they represented, you’re the guy that they met at a certain thing and the more you do that, you know, the more you’re going to get cases, people will forget as time goes on. If they don’t have your name and number top, plus they’ll forget your name. You know my last name is Klitzner and they try to Google that, they don’t know how to spell it and they may never find me, this way they’ll always remember me.

– All right. Last question for how to get clients as a tax lawyer, Steve, if you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your client attraction methods, what would you change and why?

– You gotta give me an example, I need help.

– Well, if you said to me, “Dave, listen, if I could wave a magic wand and invest $100,000 and have my own TV show and I would bring on people whose IRS problems I have solved on the TV show, that would change everything for me. That’s an example of the magic wand and a good answer to the magic wand question. So Steve, right now I’m giving you a magic wand, you’ve got permission to do anything to attract clients, no budget unlimited. You can do anything you want, what are you going to do?

– Well, you know, I never really look at anything from a budget standpoint, because if it pays for it no matter how much it costs, it’s a good thing. You know, a lot of times, the more you pay your return on investment is there. But you know what I’ve always wanted to do and it’s not so much the money, but I just want to see if it works, I’d want to do billboards, which I know you’re completely against but I would love to be on 995 and see a picture of me with a message and see if anyone even calls on that. I’m not so sure they do, I’m not so sure about the quality of that lead but I think the billboards would be good. And you know, that own TV show would be good too, you know?

– Yeah, I gave away the whole thing with the TV show. All right, folks, this has been…

– But you know who my sidekick would be?

– Who would you sidekick be?

– Who do you think? Who would be the best sidekick for me?

– Ben.

– No, your son, Nick. I would have Nick, who would laugh at everything I do, he didn’t deduce me, he’s got that big grin, he would be great. So, tell Nick that as soon as I get the show, he’s going to be my Ed McMahon.

– All right. This has been 10 minutes with Steve Klitzner, he told you how to get clients as a tax lawyer. Thanks for joining us today, until tomorrow. He was hoping you make a great living and live a great life.