Six Questions for Lawyers Who Hate Legal Marketing

Legal marketing is not what you think. It’s not bus benches and billboards. In most cases, there are no TV ads. For most, it doesn’t include putting flyers on cars and doorknobs. People hate that stuff.

Legal marketing, marketing for lawyers, is about relationships. 

In business, people who focus on relationships make great money. Like it or not, in one form or another, relationship development is marketing.

It is no different for an attorney.

People who understand marketing make more money than anyone else.

After all, what is marketing? 

It is the initiation and development of relationships. 

How do you do that?

By helping people. 

You share the value you provide with a prospective client or referral source. 

Many lawyers don’t believe they need marketing. They don’t think they need to sell their services. 

If you are one of these lawyers – the who believes you don’t need marketing, you can “just be a good lawyer and clients will find you” – I have a few questions. 

Here they are:

1.       How will clients know about your expertise? 

Clients will never know how good you are if they don’t know who you are. Let’s say you are a good lawyer. No. Scratch that. Let’s say you are a great lawyer. How are people supposed to find you?  

 Yeah, I know. You have a reputation among the clients you represented. And you have a reputation among the people who referred clients to you. But those people don’t need someone with your skill, knowledge, and talent all that frequently. How will people who do need you find you? Presenting your valuable services to clients and potential clients is marketing.

2.       How will people who used your services remember you (and how good you are)?  

Yes, you made an impression on them. Yes, you helped them out of a jam or with a tough deal. But memory fades. People need to be reminded about you to keep you top of mind. Keeping in touch with referral sources and past clients is marketing.

3.       How will you justify the fee you charge?  

You have years of experience, but there is always someone just as experienced, or more experienced, offering their services at a lower rate. There are other people practicing law who price themselves more attractively and provide a competitive value proposition. Developing and presenting your value proposition is marketing.

4.       When a prospective client meets with you, how will you explain what makes you different from everyone else who does what you do? 

You may be different, better and you may offer a more significant return on investment than anyone else. Explaining that difference is marketing.

 5.       How will you make money as a lawyer?  

Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing for Lawyers Million-dollar lawyers who say they don’t market are liars. There is no way to be a successful lawyer without marketing your services. Even the lawyers I know who work at big firms and have had big case after big case thrown into their lap had to market themselves internally. Yeah. They sold themselves to their partners (and they have to continue to sell themselves). Marketing takes place internally and externally.

6.       How will you exert any control over your future? 

Given the above facts, if you choose not to invest your time and effort in relationship development, how will you control your destiny? You won’t. Someone else will. 

The six questions above are not a gimmick. They are legitimate questions you must ask yourself if you don’t believe in law firm marketing. 

Typically, these are not questions I need to ask a lawyer. 

Why? Because people who don’t believe in law firm marketing don’t call me. 

You work in a business. That business requires you to find clients and convince them to work with you. The sooner you reconcile that with your ego, the better. That’s legal marketing.

I know you didn’t go to law school to be a salesman and, quite frankly, that is just too bad. The guys who went to sales school will always make more than most lawyers. 

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