Law Firm Marketing Habits to Improve Your Income

My law firm marketing habits evolved from my career. At one point, I had over 300 people working for me. Each of them earned a salary, and they received incentive pay based upon our team’s overall performance. 

Now I have a cadre of freelancers and contractors who get paid based upon their performance of specific, well-defined tasks. 

Both groups – individualists and members of a team – struggled from time-to-time with productivity. All of us do.  

When I work with lawyers, this is their biggest challenge.  

Getting it all done and “getting home for dinner, on time, every night” is the number one concern of the successful lawyer.  

I share five daily habits with lawyers and business executives to help them make a great living and live a great life ®

Habit One: Sell Something Every day

Law Firm Marketing HabitsAs a professional, it is beaten into your head that you do not sell. Your work product is supposed to speak for itself.  

That’s the biggest pile of crap anyone has ever shoveled.

You provide a valuable service. People need to know about the service you provide.

Each day, pick up the phone, call another lawyer, and schedule an appointment to lunch with him/her. While on a Skype call or at lunch, ask for referrals.  

If you’re feeling ambitious, call a former client. Make an appointment to have breakfast with him/her. Ask him/her for referrals.

This habit alone could double your income. Two meals each day. Two opportunities to get new work. If you do this ten times (that’s half the workdays in a month), you will attract at least three new matters.  

So, in reality, this is two habits in one. Make two appointments each day and go to two meetings each day to demonstrate your value and ask for new business. 

Habit Two: Exercise

I used to be a fat bastard and I have “fat bastard tendencies.” I like food, and I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy. I eat more when I’m sad. My wife is a great cook.

The stars are aligned against me, and the people in my life are in a conspiracy to make my waste-line grow. 

Thankfully I used to be athletic (in the days before smartphones and when my computer was called Atari). Intellectually, I understand how to get in shape. Motivation is key.

I’ve surrounded myself with fit people who enjoy exercise, and they challenge me.  

Each morning I wake up, and I face the battle of resistance in going to the gym. The first thing I do is put on my gym clothes, and I vow not to take them off until they are drenched from a workout.

Sometimes the day gets away from me, and I sleep in my pristine gym shorts and t-shirt, and I wake up at 4:30 AM the next day and punish myself with a five-mile run and then a cycling class.

Sophisticated studies have proven the benefits of exercise, but until you get through the first eight weeks of a new regimen, you’ll dislike it. 

You’ll be mentally sharper, and you’ll live longer if you make this habit work.  

(And yes, I’m fit now, having lost over 50 pounds in the past year. One day at a time.)

Yes, exercise is one of my most important law firm marketing habits.

Habit Three: 30 x 3 x 3

I work in 30-minute blocks of time, and then I take a ten-minute break. During that break, I stretch, and I walk around.  

After three 30 minute blocks, I take a 30-minute break (one hour at lunchtime). This gives me three sold 120-minute work/break sessions. I also allow an hour in the morning for email and phone calls and an hour in the afternoon.  

That’s eight hours.  

I get a lot done.

But I also don’t bill by the hour. If you do, you are doomed to an unproductive life with little hope. (But that’s the subject of another discussion.)

Hourly billers should ignore this or repent and reform.   

Habit Four: Give Back

Invest in others (anonymously when possible).

Find someone who needs help (either emotional or financial) and provide it.

Do it without any expectation of reward or recognition.  

Do it because someone did it for you. And if nobody ever did, do it for that reason.

When you have dark days (and there will be more than a few), remember the good things you are doing for this person (these people). You are making the world a better place.

Last week I received a crappy email from a guy who complained about some f-r-e-e information I sent him. He attacked me personally about the first few minutes of a presentation (he didn’t listen to the entire thing, mind you). That hit me like a punch in the gut.

I immediately did something good for someone and told myself that Mr. Negative’s criticism said more about him than it did about me.

Habit Five: Learn Something

Read a book. Read an article. Watch an educational video.  

Invest in personal improvement.  

This is a universal habit followed by successful people in every walk of life.

You either keep growing, or you start dying. There is no neutral.  

Take some time each day and invest in personal growth and development.

Pick one of these law firm marketing habits and implement it right now. Pick another one and implement it next week. Do this until you’ve implemented all five.

No. You don’t have to do them exactly the way I do them. The goal is a small incremental change over time.

You can do it. Now get going.

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