Law Firm Coaching Makes a Difference: Here’s How

Law firm coaching makes a difference in the lives of people who invest in it. 

People come to me for advice.  

My clients receive direct, customized advice as they need it. Those who read my articles get indirect help.  

Both groups benefit from my experience working with hundreds of lawyers and business leaders during the past 30 years. They also leverage my personal experience in starting and growing several businesses. 

I like helping people, but that’s not why I’m in this business. I can review a situation, analyze the variables, and develop a solution with a high probability of success.  

That’s my talent.  

Some people play the piano. Others are outstanding athletes. A few exceptional people are great with numbers.  

I figure things out quickly.

But I don’t want you focusing on my unique ability as the subject of this article. I want you to focus on your individual ability. 

Each of us can recognize our talent and leverage that self-awareness to make a great living and live an extraordinary life. The key lies in maximizing the time we spend leveraging this talent and minimizing the time we spend doing things at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Learning what you should not care about, worry about, and focus on is a significant law firm leadership component.

Law Firm Coaching Helps You with Self Awareness

The essential quality for any leader (and if you are a partner in a law firm, you are a business leader) is self-awareness. You must understand what you are good at, and you must understand what you should never, ever do again.

I can look at a business issue, analyze it, and formulate a solution quickly. The more I work on issues in a specific industry, the faster I can develop a solution, and the more likely I am to build a winning strategy. (That’s why I handle some of the most challenging issues working with law firms – I have significant experience in that industry). 

I do not get involved in the implementation of the solutions I prescribe. I help develop systems to ensure the performance is smooth, but I do not personally implement them. There are others more qualified to deliver that service.

Why Self Awareness Is Important to Law Firm Leadership

Law Firm CoachingKnowing what you can do exceptionally well and knowing what you should delegate is the essence of self-awareness for a business leader. Someone else should handle ninety-eight percent of the tasks associated with your law firm. 

Law firm leaders have a difficult time with this concept. 

You may be the most outstanding trial lawyer since Clarence Darrow, but the minute you become the law firm leader, that part of your career is over. You cannot grow a law firm beyond the $5 million mark and hope to spend time working in a courtroom or on a contract.

A leader must lead, and that is a full-time job. Practicing law is also a full-time job. In a growing law firm, a lawyer cannot serve two masters – either you focus 100% of your time on your business’s leadership or focus 100% of your time on the practice of law.

You can be a part-time lawyer and a part-time law firm leader and have $200,000 in annual billing (depending upon your practice area). But if you want to build a multi-million dollar law firm and consistently increase that billing number, you must be a full-time law firm leader.     

If your unique ability, your talent lies in law firm leadership, you must “retire” from day-to-day practice.  

This requires self-awareness.

What You Should Do Now

If you have designs on turning your law practice into a law firm (a business), you must have self-mastery. This is just one aspect of being a law firm leader.  

There are seven demands of law firm leadership. Self-awareness is one of them. If you are ready to take the next step and build a law firm that will have value beyond your lifetime, you should reach out and apply for my Private Client Experience. This is a one-on-one law firm coaching program designed to help you with these decisions.  

Creating a law firm that can be sold for real economic value is a process that takes place over several years. You and I can discuss law firm leadership and determine if you are on pace to achieve your goals.