One Thing in Law Firm Marketing That Changes Everything

One thing in law firm marketing can change everything. For years I’ve preached against focusing on just one strategy for success. Over and over again, I have advocated diversity in business strategy, client attraction tactics, talent acquisition, and even types of clients. 

All of this is good advice and still makes sense today.

But I have revised my thinking in this regard:

There is ONE thing (in law firm marketing and in life) you can do, right now, today, that will change EVERYTHING. 

This is not some pie-in-the-sky, late-night-infomercial philosophy. It’s not some academic theory. 

It’s something I’ve learned through trial and error and something I’ve witnessed in the lives and careers of successful people.

This ONE thing is called the Discipline of Personal Association.

This is one of the Ten Disciplines of Law Firm Leadership, and it can have a massive impact on your future. 

Here’s how it works:

Throughout history, humans have learned in three different ways. 

The first two ways I call “primal learning.” Here’s an example: 

First: Through trial and error.

A caveman sees an alligator in the swamp. The caveman pets alligator. The alligator chomps caveman’s arm, then his torso, and ultimately his head resulting in horrific screams and death.

Second: Through imitation of others.

A second caveman sees his idiot brother die a gruesome death and, in the future, does not pet alligators. Instead, he avoids alligators all together.  

The first caveman, had he survived, would have likely avoided alligators in the future due to the pain he experienced.

Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing for LawyersThe second caveman did not personally experience the pain, but he recognized the consequences of his brother’s actions and learned from them.

These two learning methods are intuitive. Make enough mistakes, and you have an excellent knowledge base. Watch other people make mistakes, learn from them, and you will also build a knowledge base with less discomfort.

Typically, you and I combine both of these primal learning methods throughout our lifetime. 

The third learning method is one that we’ve learned to employ through evolution. That’s what we now consider traditional learning. Go to school, learn through organized, focused, and practical information. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, we wind up being skeptical and mistrusting this form of learning, so we do not act until the primal learning forces us to resort to learning from experience.  

Each of us knows people who say: “I never learned anything useful in school.” Or “I took that marketing course, and none of that stuff worked for me.” 

That brings me to the one thing you can do to help you accelerate your success. 

It’s not rocket science, but it requires guts and discipline.

Simply put, the one thing you can do to improve almost immediately is: Hang around with people who are more successful than you.

I don’t necessarily mean financial success (although it will work for that too). I mean success in any aspect of life. 


For example: If you want to be a great tennis player, play with people at a higher level, with a higher club ranking. This will force you to raise your game, and you will learn from the experience of someone kicking your ass repeatedly. 

Second example: If you want to be a great public speaker, join a group of outstanding public speakers and watch them prepare for a presentation. Give speeches yourself and ask them to critique your performance.  

This works because it incorporates all three forms of learning. You have the primal experience of making mistakes and learning from pain. You also have the experience of watching others do things well (and make mistakes) and learning from them. And you will have the ability to ask questions and learn through your interaction with credible experts.  

It can be that simple. Hang around with people who have the skills, knowledge, and experience you desire, and you will turbocharge your progress toward your desired outcome.

Now you’re probably thinking: “Where can I find successful lawyers who would be willing to share their experiences with me. After all, I’m competitive, and my practice is so unique. I’m not sure I can learn from anyone other than someone who does what I do.”

I know there is no shortage of lawyers out there who are excellent at practicing law – regardless of the practice area. It’s easy to find outstanding practitioners. 

What’s Missing?

What’s missing is people you can look to as an example of a great lawyer, running a great business, and living a great life.

Find someone admired for his legal skill, business acumen and doesn’t have an ulcer, high blood pressure, a laundry list of medication prescriptions (or is self-medicating), and a third marriage.

Well, I got sick of hearing that these people don’t exist, so I created a group to meet this need specifically.

The group is called Dave Lorenzo’s Inner Circle, and it is made up of my most successful clients. We meet online each week. 

Many clients attend all the meetings, and all the clients attend some of the sessions, and afterward, they go back to their law firm and implement something they discovered in this meeting. 

You need to make a financial investment and an emotional investment to be a part of this group. We only accept open-minded, intellectually curious people.

If this interests you, and you are serious about taking your law practice to the next level, join us by clicking on this link: Dave Lorenzo’s Inner Circle.

At the very least, focus on the one thing in law firm marketing that can change everything: commit to interacting with some people who are committed to the business of law and the practice of law.