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How an Attorney Becomes a Trusted Advisor: Essential Elements of Trust

Moving your relationship from one of attorney/client to trusted advisor involves a great deal of focused effort. The client must emotionally invest in you. He must believe you have his best interests at heart, and he must feel as though he is your most important client. Developing this type of relationship with 1, 10, 20, or 200 clients is an enormous undertaking. Most lawyers cannot do it. There are five essential elements of trust-based relationships. If you focus on these, you will grow your law practice but, more importantly, develop deep relationships that stand the test of time. Integrity The…

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What Should I Charge? The Worst Advice Ever Given to a Lawyer

How do lawyers set their fees? Not very well, apparently. This past week I witnessed the worst advice I have ever seen given to a lawyer.  In a discussion forum a lawyer posted this question: “Looking for your feedback.  I believe there’s a point at which a prospective client of average income looking to hire an attorney on an hourly rate will think that the hourly rate is too high and will look elsewhere.  With that in mind, between the hourly rates of $375, $385, $395 and $400 an hour, which do you think would be the highest rate causing…

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Law Firm Content Marketing: Lists are Magic

Content marketing for law firms is a big deal. Video, podcasts, and written content all have a place in your law firm content marketing strategy. One of the most frequently used attention-getting devices (from a content marketing perspective) is a list. People love them. People love lists because: They are easy to read they are easy to follow You can refer back to them They generally stand the test of time Here are the five types of lists that will attract attention: How to List This is usually a step-by-step guide to doing something. Everyone loves this kind of information…

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