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How to Get Clients as a Tax Lawyer: A Law Firm Marketing Case Study

How to get clients as a tax lawyer? This is something that’s top of mind for you, I know, so we’re gonna get the information from the expert today on this edition of the Inside BS Show. Please welcome to the show Steve Klitzner. He is a tax lawyer’s tax lawyer, but it’s not what you think. Steve, explain why you’re a special kind of tax lawyer. – Well, Dave, all I do is take care of people’s IRS problems. People in businesses owe the IRS money, are getting audited, haven’t filed their returns. I don’t do any of the…

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Law Firm Management Style: Which Type of Lawyer Are You?

Law firm management style is really a “thing>” It is in fact an important thing. You need to decide which type of lawyer you want to be. One of the concepts most lawyers fail to grasp is the different types of relationships between an attorney and a client. Your clients trust you.  They invested their trust in you before they ever invested their money.  Yet, most attorneys do not treat that trust with the respect it deserves. They don’t nurture it and allow it to develop properly.   This prevents the relationship from growing over time. This is one of…

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Top Three Law Firm Website Objectives

A few days ago, I wrote about law firm website mistakes you should avoid. Today we are going to focus on your law firm website objectives.  There are three main objectives for your law firm website. They are: Increase visibility Improve credibility Differentiate you from everyone else who does what you do Here’s how this works: Visibility Visibility is the first of three law firm website goals.  This happens in a couple of ways.  First, it occurs when people stumble upon your content through search engine optimization. For this to happen, you need to post lots of content that people can access. This content…

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