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How Direct Mail Works in Legal Marketing

Many attorneys tell me that direct mail doesn’t work for legal marketing. I believe this is true FOR THOSE ATTORNEYS. However there is a way to ethically use direct mail to enhance your legal marketing plan. This process is called a reciprocal mailing strategy. Here is a summary of how a reciprocal mailing strategy works: Find a lawyer in a practice area that is not competitive to yours. Ask that lawyer to write a letter introducing you to his clients. Allow that lawyer to offer his clients a subscription to your newsletter free of charge. You do the same thing…

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Law Firm Marketing: Most Valuable Quality

There is one quality a lawyer can possess that is more valuable than all others when it comes to law firm marketing. That quality is an action orientation. Many attorneys will talk about things they want to do or they will talk about things they are going to do but when it comes time for action, they do not step up and get those things done. If you are serious about law firm marketing you must make an effort to accomplish something every day. Even the smallest tasks, if assembled into a system, can have a big impact on your…

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Law Firm Marketing and a Common Mistake

There is a common law firm marketing misconception that is pervasive among “old school lawyers”. I am referring to the school of thought that confuses good law firm marketing with people who scream and shout on television or appear in advertisements on the side of a bus or billboard. Those are forms of advertising which indeed is part of marketing but they are not the most effective marketing vehicles for lawyers and law firms. Law firm marketing is about building relationships with clients through education. Only a small percentage of attorneys understand this but those who do are certain to…

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